The new pantene shampoo bottle

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This is expected to save million bottles of new plastic every year. It is intended to promote the recycling economy — and change the way shampoo bottles are bought, used and disposed of. The refill system for shampoo consists of a new, reusable bottle made of percent aluminum and a recyclable refill bag.

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The company is well on the way to reducing the use of new plastic in shampoo and conditioner bottles by 50 percent by the end of compared to The measures should lead to a total annual saving of million new plastic bottles in Europe. The food company is testing whether selling without packaging is a future model now in Switzerland. With her online shop, in which she sells tabs for dissolving and producing cleaning agents as well as the matching spray bottles, she seems to have taken the pulse of the times. The consumer goods company Unilever usestons of plastic a year for packaging its products worldwide.

Unilever has now.

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October October Thomas Rehm. You might also be interested in:. May May Peter Schneider. Ecotabs Instead of Plastic August 3. September Peter Schneider. Unilever wants to reduce plastics radically

The new pantene shampoo bottle

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P&G gives green a go with new refillable shampoo bottles