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I walked in around 6 PM on Tuesday. The club has a good layout, with a long stage in the middle with chairs on both sides. I like bright lights in clubs and it was the case here. There were customers when I got in, but because of the size of the club, it felt empty. Gradually people trickled in. I sat down at a table after buying a beer friendly bartender and started watching the dancers.

There were 5 dancers on the shift, and they varied in how much they appealed to me. They all seemed engaged while dancing on stage, making eye contact and smiling. One of the dancers had a stunning body and good moves. But this other dancer, Hazel, was my favorite. She made me feel like we were having a private dance while she was dancing toward me on stage. She was very friendly after getting off the stage and we had a private lap dance. It was one the best lap dances I ever had. I would visit the place again when I'm back in Boston next time.

But I feel like I was lucky that Hazel was there, or otherwise I may not have such a good time, so there may be some hit or miss with this place. I've been here a few times already but the best night was a Saturday night. The space and layout is not so big but it seems roomy. Once you walk in there is a metal detector i think its for show plus they don't pat you down sometimes and a bouncer.

Sometimes there are police officers as well. Considering this is owned by same people as GB this is the more ghetto version as its The squire strip club Revere and the dancers, atmosphere and music is a bit more pop culture. The music here is terrible. DJ doesn't take requests either so be prepared to listen to terrible music all night. There are a mix of girls, white, black, spanish, asian of all shapes and sizes.

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There are about 5 or 6 are about 8s or 9s but the rest are sub par. Stage dancers are usually fully nude but there is this one spanish girl who is a 9 but always dances with her bottoms on. She is real rude so be careful. Lap dances are 2 for I went in with a dancer for 2 songs paid 60 beforehand never got my change back. Stayed for an extra 2 dances and tipped as well but beware they will try to play you. The dance was very close contact, and she kept the bottoms on.

I The squire strip club pretty sure she wanted to make out with me and would have let me touch in other places but i did not feel comfortable because nothing was said or any rules were explicitly said so i didn't want to be "that guy". Overall its a good location and I'd recomme I'm going to try and be nice with this review. First impression on the exterior and location. This actually could be the worst location for a strip club that I have encountered and it didn't really dawn on me until this visit.

Went during a Saturday afternoon. Don't think I have been during the day at least in the summer. Wouldn't be so bad except the parking and entrance are right on the road! So imagine, pulling in to the club and walking to the door and there's a minivan full of kids with their parents at the traffic light waiting to turn into the movie theater. This may not bother some but Im sure it will others.

No dancer on stage. About 5 customers at the bar. Hot MILF bartender. Would say about 4 songs go by and no stage action. At the far end of the bar there was a female talking to a guy but couldn't tell if she was a dancer. BTW the music here is just weird. Old rap songs with music videos playing. Dont get me wrong, I listened to this back in the day but it doesn't belong in the SC.

Finally, the DJ announces a dance This club is not great, but it's a lot better than the ones in downtown Boston. I visited tonight Thursday and also recently on a Saturday. It doesn't seem to get too crowded, although it felt like there was a shortage of girls this The squire strip club. Depending on the time of day, there are 2 or 3 girls at a time on stage, for as many as 3 consecutive songs.

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There are 'massage' girls who get kind of annoying as they ask you if you want a back rub. I've never done it and I doubt that I ever would. The tip reciprocation is pretty weak overall, but you can still use stage tips to figure which girls are the most fun in the lapdance area.

On my first visit, I took a girl to the back and she permitted touching everywhere durng the nude lapdance. I can't recall her name, but she was somewhat thick with more-than-a-handful naturals and curly brown hair. This evening I felt like the invisible man as one stripper after another passed me by. I had spotted one girl in particular who was extra-flirty on stage and had her as my target, but I The squire strip club get her attention.

I saw her taking another guy to the champagne room. At this point, I was feeling horny and was running out of time. I came to try lapdances but I couldn't get any girl to approach me. Eventually I made contact with one and took her back I wanted to check out a Boston strip to see if they were as 'not-good' as I've heard, so going in my expectations were not high. I came on a Friday night. The parking lot was pretty full but there were enough spaces. The outside of the club was nice looking. It wasn't dirty, not a lot of loitering going on. The inside was open and big. One side of the room of the stage area and private dance area.

The other side was the bar area.

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The bar side had a sports bar feel. Drink prices are typical but they don't try to force you to buy them. The dancers were okay, maybe 5 - 7 ish. Nothing that made me feel compelled to get a dance. The club was pretty crowded that night so the girls were focusing most of their attention near the stage, so while I was at the bar I was never approached.

I didn't get approached by a girl until I went near the stage. She was okay looking, I didn't really want a dance from her but I didn't see myself staying much longer at the club so I conceded giving her the benefit of the doubt looks don't determine dance ability. Unfortunately I was unimpressed with the dance - skill, looks, contact.

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I may go to the club again one day with friends or something but I may check out some others in the area first. Overall, Squire is a nice club but not great in my opinion, and that may be a standard for NE strip clubs, so I won't keep my hopes up for other clubs to change my mind. Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Massachusetts Revere Squire Lounge. Squire Lounge 5 reviews Add review.

Club type: Nude Dancers. Dancers Etnicity : White.

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The squire strip club

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