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Weeks after accusations of sexual abuse and Ti new girlfriend against the rapper T. Four women have accused the celebrity pair of drugging and sexually assaulting them, including two instances of rape that were said to have occurred in Georgia and California, according to the letters sent on Feb.

Blackburn, to state and federal prosecutors in both states. Similar letters were sent to the attorneys general in those states. Harris and their associates or employees, Mr. Blackburn wrote. His letters also included instances of nonsexual intimidation, assault and harassment. A lawyer for T. Harris Jr. Several of the women are interested in pursuing criminal cases against T. Harris, Mr. Blackburn said in an interview, but they are running up against the statutes of limitation in some instances.

Blackburn said he sent letters seeking criminal investigations to the offices of the U. Attorneys for the Northern District of Georgia and the Central District of California, the Los Angeles County District Attorney and the state attorneys general of California and Georgia; he said that he had received notifications that they had been delivered.

The other law enforcement officials either declined to comment, or said that they could not confirm receipt of the letters.

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A military veteran, a former friend-turned-assistant, an exotic dancer and a teenage intern at T. The New York Times has spoken with five people who, the letters Ti new girlfriend, were drugged, raped or sexually assaulted by the Harrises or those in their orbit, along with multiple individuals, including friends or family members, who said they were told of those episodes soon after, often within days. In three of the cases, The Times also reviewed messages or photos that supported their timeline of events. In interviews, the women portrayed the rapper and his wife as aggressors who deployed drugs, alcohol, money and their celebrity status to prey on and entrap women for sexual abuse, and then threatened violence against anyone who might speak out.

The veteran, who served five years in the Air Force, said she met the couple in Los Angeles in She and a friend had been whisked into the V. Harris soon offered the women a taste of her drink, and they tried it, she said. The veteran had also ordered one drink from the V. Within hours, the two friends were sick — woozy and vomiting, they both said in separate interviews. The military veteran, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect her family, came to believe that she had been drugged, she said.

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Once she became incapacitated, she said T. Harris then raped her in a hotel room. Harris, and recalled hearing details of the encounter the next morning as they drove home, in shock. For the veteran, who was 23 at the time, it was a life-altering trauma, she said. In a video posted to Instagram late last month, when other, similar s of abuse first surfaced, T. He said they had never drugged Ti new girlfriend against their will, held anyone against their will or made anyone do anything.

As a regional street rapper-turned-pop star, actor and community leader, T. His public rehabilitation following a federal prison sentence for felony gun charges and a subsequent drug arrest was cultivated over the past decade in part through reality shows that focused on his parenting and blended family of seven children, three of whom he had with Ms. Harris, The women interviewed by The Times said they initially felt more at ease because they were being showered with attention by what seemed like a committed couple.

Harris, whose nickname, Tiny, comes from her petite stature, served as a friendly figure, they said, especially compared with the more aloof T. The women said that they had not suspected Ms. Harris when they were teenagers and who went on to work for the couple aroundtraveling and partying with them. In an interview with The Times, the woman said that she never approached the authorities because she was scared of what would happen to her and her family.

Harris on multiple occasions. For the military veteran, Ti new girlfriend night took a turn when T. Harris invited her and a few others to them when they left the club, she said. Believing they were going to continue the party elsewhere, she recalled going along willingly. According to the letter, Ms. Harris to undress and bathe her and T. By the time they got her back to the bed, all three people were naked, and the veteran began vomiting, the letter said. The woman recalled T.

The woman fled.

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When her friend picked her up, she recounted the rest of her night, they said in separate interviews. At home, the woman made a beeline for the bath, scrubbing Ti new girlfriend body with soap and Tide with bleach, she said. She was too embarrassed to go to a doctor, she said, but later self-treated for an infection. Another longtime friend who spoke to the veteran within days of the event confirmed in an interview that she had described the hotel experience as a non-consensual act in which she had been drugged, and never wavered from that when they discussed it in later years.

The incident left the woman, who had been working at an aeronautics firm in her first job out of the military, despondent, she said. The allegations of sexual abuse against T. Harris first surfaced via the Instagram of Sabrina Peterson, an Atlanta entrepreneur who was a longtime friend of the couple, but who said last month that T. The couple denied Ms. Blackburn said that after Ms. Peterson posted her story publicly, she was soon inundated with stories from women who had encountered T. Harris and felt exploited or endangered.

The lawyer said none of the women included in his letter were among those whose s were posted on social media. Lawyer Seeks Criminal Investigation of T.

Ti new girlfriend

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