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The New York Postwhich broke the story, has pushed the ball forward with allegations that Barber started the relationship with year-old Traci Lynn Johnson while she was a college student at Mount St. The Post quotes unnamed sources who claim that Barber sent Johnson dozen roses on her 21st birthday, and that he gave her a diamond and sapphire bracelet.

The Post cites a source close to Barber who denies that Barber and Johnson were ever more than friends. If only Tiki had gotten the job, he might have been on the set when Ernest Borgnine Tiki barber gay giving out the secrets of long life. He remains a contributor to Today. Way to go, leave your wife and kids for a quick fling.

Id like you to meet Tiger Woods and Jesse James. Tiki fumbled again. Older dudes are always leaving their wives for younger women. Michael Douglas left his wife of years and 4 kids for Catherine Zeta Jones. So…who cares. Happens everyday.

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He left his wife, who is 8 months pregnant, and that is very low. Forget the religous side of it. This is about being a man. A man is only as good as his word. Nothing tests it like having tons of trim at your disposal with little effort and likely little consequence.

Can you imagine the nagging from the wife and mother? Can you imagine the hell of his life? Responsibilities, issues, expectations.

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Just like Tiger, Tiki made one big mistake in life: getting married. Nobody wants to see that picture. Tiki is the man! I dont understand why he just spread seed with the one girl, when their are sooooo many young freaks out there today. College girls give it up before they can even be asked to give it up. They offer it.

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They give it up quick. His team won the Superbowl without him and he failed miserably at his TV career. Would it kill you to think of you readers when searching for stock photos FFS! Some most of us read this in the office. PLease, be considerate. The only thing that matters here is, IF she is hot or not and why the hell you put a picture Tiki and not her there…….

No one gives a crap what Tiki is doing, they give a crap who Tiki is doing….

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Post some pics or shut up………. But, Damn we will tune in and support them if they make a comeback — thereby validating the very behavior they portrayed. Great point — is this worse than Tiger? I say no, based on the Perkins waitress.

Could it a been…………………. Actually, I could have done with never seeing that picture. The thing that really strikes me about it is how he criticized his own dad for cheating and leaving. We know which Barber twin was the smart one, despite the fact that Tiki likes to use big words, lol. Rhonde played DB, less wear and tear on the body, longer career, more years of making millions……. Shows what kinda hacks these guys really are…. Hopefully, soon, my wife can thumb through the print version of PFT while waiting to pay for groceries.

Way to slowly turn a marginally decent links service into a place where boymen can nurture that angry, bitter, and self righteous middle aged woman that lurks deep in their souls. Second…please catch the next plane to India. Maybe he found out that Eli Manning was the real father of the twins. Or maybe he is a poor excuse for a man. Tiki barber gay is really tabloid material. Well, now we know what Tiki is good at … walking out on important people!!! He walked out on the Giants … and now he has walked out on his wife.

Tiger, Tiki…Tim…. Stay at home Tim, stay at home. Your next. Tiki Barber is the kind of guy I dislike the most.

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To leave your wife while she is 8 months pregnant is in-excusable. To go to a college dorm for a slumber party when you are a well known NFL star is utterly ridiculous and makes Big Ben look like a saint…at least he is in a bar…in public. This has nothing to do with the NFL, and has zero football content. Then again, Florio has close to zero football knowledge so what can be expected from an internet hack who needs to fill blank s.

Tiki, by all appearances, is the polar opposite of his twin, Ronde. Tiki is a idiot! Poor mister FreeAgentPro did the stupidest things posters do, which is declare loudly that folks who post are complete morns. Za Zing, mr. Well to be fair his name is Tiki.

His parents never gave him a chance in life with a name like that. What the heck do people get married for? When you have several million dollars in the bank, you can look like Alfred Hitchcock and you suddenly become a 10 to a vast majority of women.

Who knew? You only make a lifelong bill that has to be serviced by color of law. Fox and Friends is the 1 most watched morning news show. I cannot understand why because the people are idiots, as opposed to the rest of the people on there. Tiki would have fit Tiki barber gay in. Here is my comment. Here is my conclusion.

I am going to tell my two daughters not to ever date any profession sports guys. Although I believe that children have integrity! I believe that my children understand how civilization in the Western World can only continue to exist if we do take care of the wife, the children, and our core values. Maybe TiKi can just take the babysitter to his hut and add her to the others? Fooling around on the side while still married can never end well.

Some of these athletes will never learn. His ex should take his ass to the cleaners. Dorm room? Is he trying to relive college? Pure Tiki barber gay. The photo alone is disgusting and only the clubhouse cancer that he is…would leave a pregnant wife, no matter the attraction.

This was when Tiki was thinking he was the next Mat Lauer.

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Such patronizing, self-serving blather. No truer than here. Does Tiger get a percentage off any copy cat stuff. Do us all a favor and never post again. Clean your room, it always makes your mom so happy. Like his father, the one he denounced, Tiki Barber has slipped to the trash level.

Tiki barber gay

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