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I've just finished watching all the shows, and it ends off quite briefly with zero closure. Is there meant to be another show? Or has the anime been renewed?

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There are about 20 or so chapters of the manga that were never made into episodes yet, but the company that made the anime has since gone out of business. Lots of us are hopeful that continued interest, new dubs, new prints, will eventually lead to someone deciding to continue it, but there is no evidence that this will happen any time soon. If you want a small amount of closure, I'd suggest reading the manga if you have time, but the ending is still pretty wide open.

Similar to the way they ended Motto TLR. Damn, really? Did they not sell the show to another company to continue production? I've seen the whole anime and it ends without knowing if they get married or if there's a harem. Does the manga end like this? Found the internet!

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To love ru darkness reddit

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