Torn new sensations

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There seems to be a lot going on over in Camp NSensations…. Seducing female consumers with stories of sensuality, connection and devotion, The Romance Series promotes the tingling, butterflies-in-your-stomach, giggly excitement girls crave. It combines elements of the greatest love stories of all time with sensual pleasures. The line is deed to appeal to consumers interested in testing the limits of their own sexualities in this particular way. The important thing to remember though is that each one of these lines does, in fact, attempt to engage a collection of emotions and constructions that many members of human society have experienced.

Drew finds himself at a crossro in his life. Over time, his long-term marriage has lost its spark, intimacy and most importantly, the connection. Sex has been replaced by friendship.

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Spontaneity has been replaced by responsibility. Love has been taken over by life. Then one day Mimi, a passionate, young art student, enters his life. Their attraction to one another is immediate. Consumed with guilt at the mere thought of another woman, he recommits himself to his marriage and making it work.

So… 40something-ish Drew Steven St. Croix has been married to Christine India Summer for around 20 years.

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Drew and Mimi meet at a party and, after a small series of reticent halts, begin a torrid love affair…. But first, a moment of self-disclosure — I watched this movie twice. The first time with a hefty measure of incredulity, and the second time to pick up what I had missed by being a skeptical hater. You see, I wanted to dislike Torn.

Sure that happens in real life, but does it always happen… like, always without fail? But Torn unraveled both the skepticism I was aware of and engaged additional issues related to infidelity, marriage, partnerships, and partners evolving apart. Torn takes an extremely distressing topic that people myself included often have knee-jerk reactions to and eases viewers into thinking about situational complexities.

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Whatsmore, you have to think about those complexities as they relate to the commonly vilified parties — the cheater and the mistress. In fact, Torn was based on a true story. Her performance and character, though definitely not the center of the film, almost steal the show. India Summer is an incredible actress. Though she often gets cast as a chilly dragon lady and though the Christine character was a slightly chilly dragon lady, India really extended herself in Torn. She was extremely convincing as an independent and icy, yet ultimately very vulnerable, woman dealing with a pretty rough situation.

The sex in this film is perfect — Drew and Christine are heartbreakingly distant, while the scene between Mimi and her roommate is heartbreakingly sad, desperate, and awkward.

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And the final tryst between Mimi and Drew? Physical distance that comes from extenuating circumstances? The possibilities are endless, but the first things that come to my mind are all actually pretty heavy. What kinds of happy post-butterfly scenarios will we eventually be seeing if any? It released on September 3, For more titles from New Sensations, go here. Like what you see?

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Torn new sensations

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