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Dragon Princess I is a princess appearing in the canon. She is a large, humanoid creature with a long neck, horned face, spaded tail, and leathery wings. Her body is covered in red scales, with a white underside. She wears a simple red bikini and is drooling. She and Towergirls dragon princess sisters rule over the Grand Tower Kingdom. She is preceded by Mimic Princess I and is the last on the chart.

In the v4 imgurshe is followed by the Faction Generals. The last princess to be born of the queenshe hunts for those who have stolen the shards of her great draconic ruby. Dragon Princess I is stated as being the living avatar of the Dragon Queen's hunger, following the theory that the Dragon Queen split herself somehow, and the current Dragon Princesses are remnants of her personality. Other text, specifically the details about her tower, contradict this and instead support the theory that the Dragon Princesses are the Dragon Queen's literal daughters, born of her and an unknown father, possibly Ancient Knight.

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Within the Towergirls fandom, both theories are supported and are considered canon depending on the game. In keeping with her voracity, the princess has no love in either the v3 or v4, and has little interest outside of eating and sex. Instead of items on the v4 card, the Dragons have ten inhabitants in their part of the kingdom, three with no description that take the place of items. Her class is physicker. She is romanceable. As with the rest of Gen 1, Dragon Princess I has three items on her card. Typical of dragons, she has 15 stat points. Her pro, "uses hoard to calm her great lust" was rewritten to be "uses hoard for pleasure".

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Unfortunately, she can't stop eating her treasures. Interestingly, the descriptive text at the bottom of the card implies that instead of being a fraction of the Dragon Queen herself, that she is instead a descendant. This goes along with the theory that the Dragon Princesses are actually her daughters instead of shades of her. The Official Towergirls Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Dragon Princess I. History Talk 0. In the v4 "The living avatar of a queen's endless hunger, worshiped by her kin as a brilliant fire-breathing dragon.

Kobold Culinarian The three that take the place of items are: Kobold Culinarian Her class is artisan. Skeleton Nurse Skeleton Nurse Her class is physicker.

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Drakaina Slave Drakaina Slave Her class is squire. Her turnoff is throatfucking. Canon Princess. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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Dragon Princess I