Troy baker wrestling

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The first time I posted about my appreciation of the value added by tan lines, I received some surprising back channel heat. There are, apparently, some guys who find tan lines unsightly. I honestly had no idea. They al something vulnerable, something delicate, to otherwise hard bodied beefcake.

They allude to modesty unmasked, to an uncommon intimacy shared with those who get a glimpse of them. Tan lines serve as a literal and figurative boundary, and in the homoerotic gaze, they seem to inherently speak to disregarding boundaries and propriety and self-restraint. All my respect to the hot hunks on a quest for that all-over tan, but as for me, I get an extra hard heart pump from an impossible to miss tan line! Drake Marcos, bless his heart, tanned like a mother fucker before getting his turn riding muscle cherub Gabriel Cross in X-Fights The bike shorts he was soaking up the sun in left an indelible mark in my memory.

Help me out and let me know what more sexy-as-fuck tan lines to watch for in homoerotic wrestling! One of my longest-standing, relatively random inspirations has been hot guys on television news. For a Troy baker wrestling, I thought it was just my imagination, prompting me to fantasize about hard, hot bodies underneath the suits of the handsome faces hired to look trustworthy. But no one can ignore the flagrant display of hot journalist beef all over the airwaves Troy baker wrestling days.

These days, the news hunks are quite obviously getting hunkier, unbuttoning their shirts, posting workout videos, and finding excuses to show off their hard toned gym bodies. So let me move on to the new addition to my newsmen crush lexicon. My local weatherman is a nerd stud. Literally, a marathoner. Quick wit. But the real star of the show is that ass of his when he takes of his suit coat and steps up to the map.

Specifically, he makes me gasp every time he turns to point to the weather map and shows off his remarkably perky, round ass in profile.

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Solid, sculpted muscle, made all that more stunning by his skinny, little waist. Not everyone has the genetics and laboriously-built muscle to be able to show off such lovely side butt. There are huge, bulging bodybuilders who do squats for years and never pull off the perfectly round globes that my skinny weatherman has. My longest-reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler and multi-Best Butt and Body winner Kid Karisma possesses one of the Troy baker wrestling, most muscular ass cheeks on the planet.

Tyrell Tomsen is an adonis, with extravagant, luscious meat draped from every t. The way his tiny waist perches on top of his lush, thickly muscled ass makes him a side butt poster boy. One of the more controversial figures in the annals of homoerotic wrestling history, Rio Garza had a remarkable gift for dividing fans and wrestlers alike.

But can we all agree to the self-evident fact that the Mexican muscleboy sports practically perfectly round glutes that make for sensational side butt? Their Undagear 26 face off really deserves to be cross-listed as a Fantasymen product, because they are both ripped from the s of an erotic fantasy. And side butt that juicy needs a severe tongue lashing, if you ask me. You, however, can tell me who I missed in the comments! If you buy that all of pro wrestling can easily be read as an extended homoerotic innuendo, face-to-crotch sort of slaps down the implied erotic subtext and steps at least one toe over the line into straight up homoerotic text.

How wrestlers carry it off, of course, can ificantly add to eroticism. But I love watching a wrestler snap shut that bear trap and then enjoy it, openly, Troy baker wrestling, expansively. This is hot, homoerotic wrestling gold. The catcher can certainly connect the dots as well. Hell, when wrestling companies choose to transition from explicit wrestling to explicit sex, I typically push rewind. Both center the frame on the outline of a bulging cock and the ballast of balls. Both seem ripe with the erotic potential marrying gay sensibilities and a pro wrestling kink.

If there is one valuable analog of face-to-crotch hecissors, I think its the comfort a wrestling company has with the homoerotic eye of their gay audience. And I think they play a part in direct proportion to how explicitly companies market to those of us in the audience tuning in and ponying up because we are sexually turned on by wrestling.

But from a strictly correlational perspective, I think they show up in proportion to how much I at least perceive of a producer as appreciative of and comfortable with me, as a gay man, watching their wrestling products as a means of sexual gratification. Summer ushers in many things I enjoy. But the one thing I anticipate with the most eagerness each thaw is that tipping point when hunks drop trou and start showing off their legs.

Too little attention is paid to thick, powerful, beautiful legs on men. Even in homoerotic wrestling photography, the convention of cropping wrestler images off at the waist or mid-thigh is such a waste! So here are a few luscious wrestlers showing off most of their best angles below the waist.

In the wrestling ring, stunningly pretty Troy Baker very seldom tallied victories. In fact, in most cases that adonis body of his took a brutal thrashing that made him many him the 1 muscle jobber of many fans. The carnage was absolute. By a vote of 93 to 30 as of this postingthe beautiful blond beauty Baker boy pounded the living shit out of Kieran when it comes to which hunk fans think wore it best. When Troy makes his never even rumored hypothetical comeback, I think it should be an in the ring, against Kieran, battle for the briefs as both hot hunks wrestle naked to see which Troy baker wrestling stud gets to wear this dazzling gear again.

Specifically, Can-Am printed its name across the asses of their wrestlers on a few occasions, including their dotcom buttercup trunks worn in two of the Arena series DVDs. Let that simmer a while as I give Jake our hearty congratulations.

In what could be a Throwback Thursday meme, we dig a little deeper into the BG East archives to note that both Troy Baker and Kieran Dunne wore those same metallic gold posing trunks multiple times. The mass quantity of prettiness may blind you, but check out the contenders below and decide for yourself who you think wore it best. Mostly, I just want to point out what I think is an odd convention of photographing hot homoerotic wrestling hunks with stunningly sexy legs from the knees or even lower thighs up.

Now I love me hot torsos, no doubt. But the seeming aversion to giving loving photographic attention to the beautiful legs of beautiful wrestlers is just plain wrong!

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Here are just a few classic stunners flexing their gorgeous thighs, and yet the focus of the camera remains riveted above the waist. The ToW portrays such vulnerability, such anticipation, capturing so much back story and foreshadowing impending doom on the horizon…. Turns out, this is one tough game to play! I set out for myself the task of choosing no more than one body part from any one wrestler.

Then I went to scouring my mental and literal library of homoerotic wrestling favorites to decide who to deconstruct in order to reconstruct into the assemblage of an over the top, made to order homoerotic wrestling god. I spun my wheels for quite a while getting a start on this project. But body part by body part, this is what I came up with:. For some reason, it worked for me to start from the bottom and work my way up my mad scientist construction of the ideal wrestling body. His cock, however, once unsheathed and getting worshipped by the loser he conquered on the mats, was pretty nearly my impression of phallic perfection.

A thickly muscled back is a thing of wonder. The aesthetics of a narrow, corded lower back beneath an astonishingly wide and contoured lat spread capped off by Troy baker wrestling delt and trap muscles is just about the most beautiful thing in the world, I think.

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Add a cup of water and a squirt of detergent and I swear to you it would require not more than three passes to get your laundry clean on that washboard! The separation between each scale of that armor is superhuman. Choosing whose pecs to add to my homoerotic wrestling god was perhaps the most difficult selection of all. Massive, wide, veiny shoulders are intensely erotic, not to mention damn useful in a fierce wrestling contest. My wrestling god compilation sports the best shoulders I could think of.

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Again, arms were difficult to select, owing to the deep field of worthy applicants. Shape, proportion, balance and definition speak to me more when it comes to arms than blunt size. Finally, capping off the physical perfection of my wrestling god creation is the devastatingly handsome face of Brad Rochelle.

Brad was in a barnburner of a race against exactly one other gorgeously handsome homoerotic wrestling hunk to lend his face to my creation. Excellent exercise, AH! So whose parts would comprise your ideal homoerotic wrestler? Pulling into the driveway of BG East central, I was bewildered a bit by the sense that I was seeing it, simultaneously, through two different lenses.

Troy baker wrestling

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Troy baker gay wrestling.