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Sydney had a trick with guys staring at her. She found a little flash normally made them nervous enough that they look away. Every second he looked he was inching closer and closer to detonation. So when finally she lifted up her shirt and he laid eyes on that perfectly sculpted stomach he felt his cock erupt. He let out a moan as his knees tightened and he felt the streams of cum pour into his shorts. Her friends brother would deffinitly think twice before leering at her again.

Claire had to do a video project on what she loved about her school and for her that meant a 10 minute video of her bouncing through the halls and causing as many accident as she could. You were sitting in a floaty chair in the lake, it was a party at your girlfriend cottage and all day her little sister and her friends were giving you strange looks all day.

You had a feeling they were up to something. Eventually you find yourself on the water floating in peace. You hear your name called out and look for the source. You feel yourself tense up and before you can even react you loose a load in your pants. The sudden movement also causes you to slip off your floaty and plunge into the water. The girls howl with laughter as you try to compose yourself. Grabbing onto your chair and steadying yourself as your balls continue to drain.

Not really having any way to hide standing by the pool you froze up long enough for your cousin to spot you. You were expecting her to be mad,but the look on her face was one more of concern. Both grabbing an arm. They pull your hands arms apart forcing you to stand with your erect cock sticking straight out.

Sharon walked slowly over, with each bounce causing your cock to throb. She came right close to you. He breast just inches from Tumblr torpedo breasts face. Aunt Sharon pushed her chest together moving in even closer. You could feel the warmth of her breast, youe eyes buldging out of your head. Your cousins let go of your arms as you fall forward and aunt Sharon catches you into the embrace.

You lay face in her tits as your balls drain themselves. The new viral trend went by many names. Sometimes variations on boob ambus, breast attack, tittie surprise, but Tumblr torpedo breasts idea was for large chested woman to jump out and bounce infront of men while their freida recorded the reaction. You had been bathing by the hotel pool when you heard the call go out.

You watched as the moved up and down almost as if they were a liquid. Your eyes widen as you take in shallow breathes. You feel your cock rise against your pants. You feel your heart begin to pound as your cock reaches its limit. You twist jn your beach chair and role over trying to hide the wet spot but you already know everyone saw. You hear her friends laughing near by as the woman readjust herself and walks back towards them.

You feel yourself groggy as your eyes peel open. You imidiately spot the two pair of breasts close to your face. You jump at the sight. Now you were in a chair in their living room and from what you could tell you were handcuffed to that chair. A few months ago the two came to your door and begged you sleep with one of them. Although you enjoyed the idea of the sex, the thought of bringing into the world was a little much for you and you turned them down.

Apparently they had not Tumblr torpedo breasts your rejection very well. Carol begins to speak again. We gave you a little something to make sure you stayed hard and it just slipped right on. You felt your cock tense as your hand approached it. You could feel the sweat coating your face as your cock throbbed in the device. You watch as her massive chest comes closer and closer before it makes contact.

You feel the warm embrace surround your face. Carol breaks off from her hug and comes around the other side of you. You feel two more warm mounds press against the side of your head. You press your knees together begging your cock not to give out.

But you feel the pressure building. You clench your teeth and hold on as hard as you can before you feel your cock give out. You let out a moan as you shoot into the device. Both woman lean back off of you as they watch you fill their toy. You lie your head back and slump in the chair. Just miming a blow job was more than enough to leave him creaming in his jeans.

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Tumblr torpedo breasts

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