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Views: Follow Follow Unfollow. ed: Jul, Posts: Posted: Sep. He is banging hotties left and right. His recent babe is a year-old aspiring model Renae Shrider. What is his secret? To remove first post, remove entire topic. Maybe it is his height of somethin else ed: Aug, That chick looks like a dude btw ed: Nov, His dick looks bigger because the rest of him is smaller. ed: Apr, Quote Originally Posted by vanwilder That chick looks like a dude btw ed: Jan, ed: Oct, ed: Feb, Verne troyer penis Jun, She's just looking for any boost that can help her career, so why not date a half-of-a celebrity?

Once she gets more pub and gets a little more popularity, she'll drop him like its hot. And I bet he's never seen her naked. And if they are having sex, she probably makes him wear a twelve inch strap-on. Ummm that chick is not hot. Sorry to break it to ya.

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ed: May, ed: Dec, Quote Originally Posted by rokodesh: does that mean he goes up on her? Mini-me looks like a wigger. Aren't all little people shaped like a penis? Quote Originally Posted by kickinA: It also helps if you got "game," as todays young people would say. Really though, how much money can this guy have? Unless he is getting paid well for his role in the movie. I would be willing to bet he's made over 10 million dollars total from the austin powers movie alone plus another mil a year in various appearnces, other movies, endorsements i dont know who dudeand other shit Just my guess.

It's possible.

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It just seems that he really isn't that high profile of a Celeb to really be banking that much money. Plus he was on surreal life, where Celebs go to die. I bet that chick is with him in hopes that Meyers does in fact make another Austin Powers movie Or from what I've heard it is supposed to be based all around Dr.

Evil and Scott. I know he also has some health issues, so maybe that is why she's there. He can be with the hottest women in the world Good luck. I'm an Alabama fan. I know how they play at Jordan Hare. Thank you for reporting. This content is abusive or harmful This post is spam. Are you sure you would like to remove this post? Delete Post Cancel.

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Verne troyer penis

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