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Tattoos : Multi-coloured filigree with tiger-lilies de on her hips and a four leaf clover de on her back.

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Pets : 3 cats. Ever since she made her industry debut inVeruca has amassed an avid global fan base due to her thrilling feature movies and raunchy BDSM scenes. Veruca James at Brazzers. Veruca is proud of her Windy City roots and enthused within her Dream Lover profile how. As a Midwest girl I love food and cooking is one of my passions. Adventure is my biggest aphrodisiac! Academically talented, athletic and fiercely ambitious, Veronica explained within her XCritic column interview how she achieved good grades whilst at school and did not begin to explore her kinkier side until her later teenage years.

I loved school and got good grades and generally stayed out of trouble. Veruca discussed this high school rebellion within her Adult DVD Talk interview when she told adult film blogger Captain Jack how she lost her virginity when she was 16 years old. My family at that point, they managed and owned some theatres.

They had a couple of drive-ins and a couple of regular indoor theatres. In the summer, my cousins and friends of mine worked at the one closest to my house, about minutes away. It was actually one of my absolute favorite jobs ever. The coolest thing to ever do in the summer. So I had access to the drive-in where I knew no one was going to knock on our windows or call the police or anything.

I definitely had a boyfriend that I was with Veruca james real name a total of 18 months. I was more of a relationship hopper. I went from one boyfriend to the next. There were a few times that I was single for a month or two, then I did get a little nutty. My mom always liked it better that when I had a boyfriend because she felt that it was keeping me under wraps. After graduating from college Veruca married her partner and started working as a certified public ant CPA for a corporation in Illinois.

However, Veruca hated this job and before long she transferred to a job at a mutual fund company. Unfortunately, her job as an s manager for a mutual fund company still left Veruca feeling unfulfilled and her married life was starting to feel the strain.

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After a year of marriage Veronica divorced her husband and moved back home to Chicago. As she explained within her LA Weekly interview. In fact, Veruca James explained within her Adult DVD Talk interview with Captain Jack that it was not until late that she left her ing career behind for good after discovering that a friend of hers had performed for the alternative porn site Burning Angel. Intrigued by this exciting career opportunity, Veruca filmed some sex scenes for Burning Angelloved the experience and soon began to film for multiple amateur porn sites before quitting her ing job and pursuing a full-time career as a porn star.

As Veruca puts it in her own words.

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To me, I thought it was less risky than performing on a mainstream porn site…. So I tried it out and I loved it! Once I started performing more frequently, I kind of got to the point where I realized I hate my job so much. I spend so much of my time dedicated to tasks that I think are pointless. And essentially servicing a big corporate master. There was so much stress that was unnecessary due to stupid office bullshit.

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Be it politics or filling out paperwork that you have to do for stupid legal reasons that will probably never, ever come to fruition. And I realized that I was wasting my youth being miserable. Captain Jack asked Veruca within this Adult DVD Talk interview how her friends and family reacted to her dramatic career shift, to which she replied.

So the only person is my grandma. In November Veruca James quit her ing job after filming roughly ten sex scenes for Burning Angel. During this time Veruca James had also begun webcam modelling for adult cam-sites and had filmed multiple online sex scenes for Burning Angel including Veruca James POV with popular male porn star James Deen.

Veruca James at Naughty America. When asked about her shooting her first ever sex scenes and filming anal-themed releases since the very beginning of her adult film career, Veruca James conveyed within her Adult DVD Talk interview that. But asking me to seduce a complete stranger…that was honestly the hardest part. As soon as we got to the sex and actual physical contact, that was completely easy and more natural. They asked me if I wanted to do anal. She asked if I did it in my personal life.

Do I enjoy it? If I started when I was 18 and this was going to be a decade long career, I could see spacing it out. But for me, this is kind of just how I am. When Veruca James first began working within the adult entertainment industry she was a freelance performer. However, by Veruca had been ed by exclusive adult film talent agent Mark Spiegler. Veruca explained within her Adult DVD Talk interview how Veruca james real name came to be ed as a Spiegler Girl after receiving recommendations from friends.

I had applied to some on-line but I never heard back from anyone. Everyone on set told me I Veruca james real name get with Mark Spiegler! I thought that would be amazing but what are the chances that that would actually happen? Luckily, I met a make-up artist who was good friends with him. School of Black Cock was made with lots of love behind because Joanna loves making porn, loves watching Black men having sex with alt girls, and cares about creating titilating content for her audience, which pretty much includes everyone, not just alt porn lovers.

School of Black Cock is good, sizzling sex with humor but it works. Georgia Jones and Veruca James — Brazzers. I had never met Abigail before. That was an awesome surprise.

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He prefers to not direct anything. He just let us go at each other and she was just as raw sexually as I was. Want to know the best part? Over the years Veruca James has been nominated for a wealth of adult film awards including but to name a few. In addition to her wealth of adult film award nominations, Veruca James has also been sought after for interviews with XFanzFleshbot and LA Weekly among countless others. In January Veruca even launched her exclusive online store VerucaJames.

Veruca enthused about the launch of her first ever online store in an AVN press release. I have a lot of very exciting exclusive surprises, contests and specials that we will continue to announce monthly as well. Although she has performed within a wealth of mainstream pornographic productions over the years, Veruca is probably best known for her extensive portfolio of femdom, fetish porn and BDSM content. Ever eager to explore her kinkier side, in September Veruca made her debut on the fetish porn site Kink.

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In the years that followed Veruca has remained a frequent feature within Kink. In fact, Veruca James filmed her very first gangbang with Kink. I will take on all of you. Distributed in August as part of Kink. I kind of had the name before porn. My boyfriend used to tease me that I was really, really bratty and threw temper tantrums about getting what I want. Veruca James loves participating in kinky sex-capades within her private life and on-screen.

That sticks in my head because at the time I was so scared. I always figured I can get out of it. But this one, I thought that I am legitimately doing something that I know I should not be doing. It was pretty awesome.

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