Violent shrunken women

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If you are under 18, turn back, or else the ass-whoopin' begins!! Abandon all hope, ye of little faith! All before you who have ventured into the realm of my mind have gone away mad, the minds and spirits broken by what lurks within the darkest recesses. Is your will strong enough and is your heart impure? Then back I say! Go back while there is still hope for you! I make no assurances of safety, nor offer any hope for those who venture further. If you dare, continue scrolling down and face the unrelenting waves of madness as they threaten to dash you to pieces.

The following stories, were written by I, Shrinking Maniac. Any future stories here will also be written by me. If they resemble anyone else's work, well, ripping off other people's ideas is what writing is all about. Warning: this is a double standard.

It's okay for me to rip off others, but don't rip me off. But do feel free to copy and paste these stories to your hard drive if that sorta thing tickles your fancy. Also feel free to tell others about this place, if they can handle it. A 'Little' Fun : Ron meets a girl named Jessica that he finds very attractive.

She develops an attraction to him as well and reveals a secret to him, a machine that can shrink people. However, she cheats on a selfish boyfriend who was cheating on her and he wants to be the one to end the relationship. Things get very bad for Ron very quickly, and get even worse for Jessica I wanted to write another part to tell more of the story even before I finished the first one.

I shudder to call it a sequel, Violent shrunken women knows Hollywood has made that one of the most hated terms in the English language. This story also has lots of SW, an excitement. There's adventure, mysteries are unfolded as the secret origin of the shrinking devices is revealed, and something to think about when it comes to the world of shrinking and the fantasy in general. They're just thoughts that have occured to me from time to time and I was surprised when I failed to address them in the first story. Enough yammering, on with the show, this is it! Here we have a world where those who are gifted with magical abilities go to schools to better harness their abilities.

This is Violent shrunken women Hogwart's, so no lawsuits. A female student decides to go beyond the level she's at and brings along a few friends. Will they survive after shrinking and who will find them while they're helpless? Anyway, back for Halloween of the SW Message Board wanted to do a day of authors contributing SW stories and we got a lot of stories. We even got some awesome pics as well. This is a story about Y'all know the deal, there's a woman shrinking and Halloween plays a role in the story as well.

Do you really need any more details than that? That's what I thought. These revolve around the missions of a secret agent named Kylee yeah, big surprise after the title. She works for a branch of the US government that monitors shrinking around the Violent shrunken women and deals with those who use the technology for less than appropriate purposes. New: Mission 8 now added. Hooray free time! The Kylee prequel is on hold indefinitely unsure if I want to really write it.

Ron not the guy from my first 2 stories gets the chance of a lifetime to be with a girl he really likes. What does she want from him? As if anyone couldn't guess by the title and what I said at the beginning. A woman trying to get pregnant makes a shocking dioscovery about her medical condition. Read on and understand.

Four college students embark on an experiment that will change the way we view the entire world. Over a year and a half after I started hinting about this story, I have finally deemed it complete. Warning: Some violent content, but that's not a big shock is it?

Okay, over half a year ago by the time this is first getting put up here. My life was kinda hectic and I wasn't getting much writing done. Instead, I wrote some sketches of a or so and posted them over at Size Fetish.

Now they're here as well. Putting up descriptions for each is pointless, they're that short. Just read them. I will say that the first has a story idea I never wanted to expand upon, a shrinking fantasy I've had for many years. If you wish to write more and longer stories using the theme within it, go right ahead. Just mention where you got the original idea with a link to this site. I'd also like a copy e-mailed to me as well. I ended up making this longer than I intended when life stopped being as much in my way as it ly had been.

Melody has three young cousins. On the night of Melody's 21st birthday, she has to spend part of it babysitting.

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At the same time, one of her cousins learns of a startling power. A young woman's obsession with her nieghbor takes her to a whole new place. And we all know what that means. If you feel as if you can relate to any of these characters, check yourself into an institution immediately. Links : A quick way to access many of the SW sites out there.

If you don't see your site and want me to put it up there, contact me.

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Also, let me know if links don't work, or a site I took down is up and running again. Update: A good two and half months or so into the new year, and a new story. Read the blurb below. It's called "All.

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Go check it out. I hope you find that it was worth the wait. The diamonds are the links to the following s. There are some other projects in the works, but I'll be keeping quiet about them for now. And to repeat ad nauseumthe Frelling Guestbook! Update: Kylee Mission 8 has finally arrived! Update: : Instead of proofreading my stories, I've been doing some more work in my Link s section.

Added some more Yahoo Groups. Everything's under one section and Groups are listed a second time in their own column, just like with Forums in there, in case that's all you're looking for. Made minor layout changes as well. Oh, and the G-D Guestbook! My 'borrowed' disclaimer:. Here, you can read notes I've recently written about my stories.

You can find what things I've changed since the time I first conceived of the story, ideas for alternate endings, and how some ideas came to me. In essence, a peek into the creative process. Yeah, I know, big whoop-dee frig, but you never know who might be interested in this information. If you're into that kind of stuff, check it out. Or, if you'd like to write sizechanging stories and wonder how people get their ideas and develop stories, pop on by. Recommendation : For the true Commentary experience, Violent shrunken women the info out and have someone read it to you while someone else re my stories aloud.

Violent shrunken women

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