Warrior cat mating games

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Warrior cats fanfiction mating clan. I'm going to take requests on warrior cats. He has deep blue eyes and two scars across his eyes Rped by Smokefur Deputy: Hazelgaze A golden tabby she-cat with a white belly and bright green eyes Rped by Wolfstrike Medicine Cat: Cinderpool A light gray she-cat with a white chin. They are a staple of all human cultures, so it only makes sense to include them in our clans as well.

I'm shaping her up well, Hawkfrost thought. Bumblestripe glared at Millie before padding after his sister, head down, tail drooping. In a heartbeat cats began to gather beneath the Highrock. Feral amino for warrior cats on the app store. Clouds obscured the stars from view as Ivypool entered the warrior's den for what felt like the first time. The tom must have let his juices and seed go in Callingcloud cause they parted.

Deputy: Warrior cat mating games. By: Nightpoppy of Thunderclan. Rank: Apprentice. Chapter 1. One of the cats dies. She was born as Red in the Twolegplace to Hal and an unnamed she-cat. Fur color: Cinnamon colored tabby with green eyes. Hawkfrost claimed her mouth, and the three toms took their pleasure of the tortured she-cat. An honorable warrior does not need to kill others to win their battles unless their opponent is outside the warrior code or it is necessary for self-defense. Fireheart nodded and then picked a squirrel from the pile and walked away.

Roll to see what happens. Was too young to be dead! Left all worlds being a mary sue and saving Sandstorm out of misplaced 'selflessness'. The word of the Clan leader is law.

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Age: 7 moons. Firestar ran after the two she-cats. Suddenly, a crack sounded through the forest, and he spun around. The warrior blood supporters are promoting the very thing the books seek to decry. In this moment of. Hazeltail was stuck under Purdy and no way to move her, and Cloudtail was very defensive over his mate, so he had to chose between the Leafpool and Hollyleaf, before. Ivypaw struck a blow at him, then dodged his blow. No warrior is to ignore or neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan.

Cats are allowed to lure This is for the medicine cat, warriors, and apprentices only. Jag's warriors pushed the Clan cats towards their dens but for the first time, the Clan cats pushed back. Personality: Warmpaw is.

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The word of the leader is the warrior code. Tags: impregnantion -1 fanfiction 0 unwilling to willing 0 mating 0 cat to boy 0 impregnation 0 warrior cats 0 This is an epic fan fiction of Warrior cats. The only thing in resemblance to Warriors and Glistening Skies is now that the main species of the characters is cats. Learn more about your favourite Warriors and their ancestors in this interactive family tree. I am already in love with my clan. Miststar let out her juices into Callingcloud's mouth. Explore Fanpop. A white she cat with black paws and three thick blac stripes and icy blue eyes by the name of Stormpaw was ready for her assessment, but was a but nervous.

Cats mate. In the Dawn of The Clans arc, they put Thunderstar, Windstar, Skystar, And Shadowstar on the covers of books 2,3,5, and 6, while neglecting the fifth leader, Riverstar. Lionblaze noticed other cats were up as well, but most of the clan was unconscious from their hard mating. Tina Chan V Fanfiction. On Warrior cat mating games Wish, a fansite, the popular slogan is "No more kittypets.

They are the most open of outsiders, but before a cat become a warrior and full member, they must take a journey and make a specific oath, at this point, the least dedicated are often simply encouraged to seek another lifestyle.

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You have been warned. Warrior Cats Mate Simulation by Gingersong. Spottedleaf was purring in her sleep and Ravenpaw was sitting awake, staring at the entrance of the medicine den. This is a story of warrior cats mating. They are the clan where everything is based after mating, from training to hunting to fighting to just plain old relaxing. A mating fest.

MatingClan is basically like all the other MatingClans. Siblings- Wolfpaw, Lightpaw, and Eaglepaw. He made sure his tail didn't brush against the grassy ground and focused on Stormstar and Icewing. And we're also assuming that history before these stories were the same as in the books, because when I do Cinderpelt's story, Spottedleaf will be dead and Yellowfang in ThunderClan, even though their stories.

No more outsiders. Almost all of Shadowclan broke into Thunderclan's camp. A cat caught on mateing clan a kittypet and is 4 moons old, her head is black, fadeing into white, her tail tip fades to black and her paws fade back to black aswell, she has swirly black strips on her back going ALL the way to the tip of he tail, until it stops by the fading black on the tip of her tail, she has a sleek, and beautiful fur, and can she be.

He looked. Three dawns later, Firestar lept onto the highledge. Warrior Cats is a popular book series that began publishing in His seed splattered onto her belly and teats, while Hawkfrost grunted as he shot his seed into her mouth. It was the night after her warrior's vigil with Dovewing, her sister, and she was exausted. With a whole Clan and three rambunctious kits to look after, Wildstar just. Their social hierarchy is a bit different. Mating Clan Chapter 1, a warriors Warrior cat mating games FanFiction. He pummeled at her belly.

But here I am, with my own MatingClan. Kits born from such relations are named half-Clan, and they are usually discriminated and not trusted.

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He stumbled up viciously. Although they are, naturally, shunned by the other clans, their cats are known to be the most alluring, the she-cats the prettiest with the tightest cores, the males the handsomest with the largest members. Warrior Cats Roleplay. The kits bounced out of the nursery, the warriors emerged from their den, yawning. Warrior Cats Mate Simulation. The Clan learned of his plan and evacuated the camp, while some brave Warriors baited the dogs away. You ready for the ultimate warrior cats love story?

It is the true journey to discover your ideal lover from the Warriors series, well cats based off of warriors. He didn't know who it was at first, but then relised it was his mate, Sandstorm.

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Travel Details: Matingclan is a clan where breeding is allowed and very much encouraged, at the age of 10 moons an apprentice is stripped of his or her virginity by their mentor, or leader and is then required to have Fanfic: The Stories of Lustclan Ch 1, Warriors FanFiction. Her littermate died in a battle. Sunnyripple is a short-legged, mature, and delicate warrior, with kinked, blue tabby and white fur and earthy eyes.

Firestar snapped, staring at Scourge.

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Who do you think is your match? Are you a fan of the shy and sweet or the hot and mysterious? Here you can discover what warrior cat would be your perfect match! Created by: Erin Winter It originally started off as a Warriors fanfiction called Frozen Stars, but I loved the characters so much I developed it into an entirely new plot.

Warriors Clans Development. Warrior Cats are divided into Clans, each with their own territories, skills and beliefs. The clan is an odd mix of kittypets, rogues, and clan cats.

Warrior cat mating games

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