What does filf mean

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I recently discovered the term FILF, this is really funny! A couple years ago I started deing t-shirts that said F. Turns out I wasn't the only one thinking we needed to find an acronym for hot daddies out there. I'm not talking about that.

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I'm talking the real deal definition of M. It's in my jeans. First M. If you don't know what M. Ooh so racy of me isn't it ; But the truth is that anyone can have their MOJO going on at any age and it doesn't mean you have to be skinny with a six pack. It's more about vitality and feeling pretty darn good with what God gave you.

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Dealio is that the boys sometimes lag behind the women when it comes to getting fit after becoming a dad. I love controversy. Here are some of favourite FILFs. What about you? Let's objectify some dudes. We've got a lot of catching up to do. We squeeze the babies out and then have to work really hard to get our bodies back as the saying goes. But the daddies don't have any body to get back because they didn't have to be baby ovens for 9 months. The same level of motivation for getting fit and strong isn't there.

Am I right or am I right?

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I've worked with many post natal clients who end up looking better than before they had their babies. But about about their baby daddies you ask? Well herein lies the issue. Seems men can get away with being less fit especially after becoming daddies and women live with constant pressure from the media and all over to try look like they never had a baby. Not fair I say! If there are any boys reading this out there, you need to get your acts together and make sure you keep up with your MILF baby mamas and lose your bellies. I've seen this exact scenario happen many times: Woman comes in and starts paying attention to herself after having a baby.

Could be immediately after or a couple years after. She starts feeling good about herself, starts losing weight, dropping sizes, getting her MOJO back, getting her hair styled up and gets her spark back. But the man doesn't step up. Sex life isn't where it could be at. Guy isn't grooming the way he used to. Doesn't update his hair style or clothes and doesn't get his MOJO back the way she has. What does filf mean is a recipe for disaster fellas. You know that little belly you've been ignoring, the baby fat you grew when you became a dad.

Well she honestly doesn't love it but she doesn't want to nag you about anything else because she knows you're tired of hearing how you're not measuring up or how you have to change this or that. She's really thinking, 'Oh well. What can I do?

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Can't have it all. He's good with the kids and he won't ever stray etc etc. This is called settling.

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A MILF attached to a dude without it going on isn't going to get as happy as she could be. The good thing is that dudes get fit faster and drop weight faster than women do. Our bodies want to hang onto fat. You have fewer excuses than us. And if you're wondering, my MILF clients often eventually drag their men into the studio and once they start working with me, they never look back.

Same could go for anyone anywhere he decides to start taking care of themselves. Just stop thinking about it and start feeling good about being naked again. Not saying it's easy. Life is busy but if Barack and Michelle can do it with their schedules then????

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What does filf mean

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The Meaning of MILF: What It Is and How To Use It