White chicks fighting

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A well-meaning but bland comedy that squanders the potential of its female-fight-club premise and fails to deliver on its R-rated promise. By Jessica Kiang. On the other hand, the very crowd attracted by the R-rating and White chicks fighting un-PC title may feel cheated. Oh no! This is the result of a late-night pity party called by Anna to talk through her discovery that her Dad ex-wrestler Kevin Nashhaving moved on from the recent death of her beloved mother, is now dating a man.

Unbeknownst to Anna, her psychologist mother founded the club as a way for her female patients to gain self-confidence by getting the s— kicked out of them, and to find community by kicking the s— out of others. Well, make that demon singular. Similarly, the love triangle between Anna, the vampish Olivia and Dr.

Perhaps the filmmakers expended all their offensiveness capital on that titillating title and then felt the need to repeatedly apologize for it with unceasing if very skin-deep body-positivity, sex-positivity, LGBTQ-positivity, racial colorblindness and you-go-girl camaraderie.

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Relentless niceness aside, the fight scenes are engaging enough, artfully edited with balletic slo-mo sections and blood squib usage to imply contact, though no one ever sports so much as a bruise until Anna gets the kind of high-cheekbone scrape that manages to make her look even prettier. Home Film Reviews. Nov 12, pm PT. By Jessica Kiang Plus Icon.

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Running time: 97 MIN. Murphy, James Sears Bryant. Crew: Director: Paul Leyden. Screenplay: Joseph Downey. Camera: Steven Holleran. Editor: Kevin Armstrong. Music: Benson Taylor. Music By:. More From Our Brands. Expand the sub menu Film.

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White chicks fighting

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‘Chick Fight’: Film Review