Who is asriel undertale

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Azrael supposedly has four faces and Asriel does have four different faces, as flowey, normal Asriel, transformed and god of hyperdeath. There is also belief in some religions that Azrael extracts souls from the bodies of those who have sinned, like Asriel took the souls of the monsters. I'll definitely make sure to do a bit more research next time. Delta is also the mathematical symbol for change and the Delta Rune is supposed to represent a savior or destroyer, an agent that would bring change in one way or another. Also Asriel is a combination of his mother's name Toriel a play on tutorial and his father's name Asgore.

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Asgore dreemurr is an anagram of Sage or Murderer. Asriel dreemurr is an anagram of Serial Murderer and sounds like Azrael. Dreemurr itself is a play on Dreamer. Asriel's sibling Chara is a pun on Character, but also the Greek word for "glee" or "joy".

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Asriel's final form is based on the delta rune, which represents the player and has several Greek meanings in and of itself, and is also an anagram of Undertale, which is the game all this appears in and also a music track associated with the Dreemurr family. Mother of god Toriel, I guess. Well, there's a minor problem here. Keep in mind that Asriel is a mashup of Asgore and Tori. There's a lot of symbolism in the names, and it's quite probable that multiple of the layers were intended. I can't say all, because there could be infinite layers.

Still, Toby put layered details in many places. So that's why he shoots lasers! Humans in the Underground.

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Found the internet! About what Asriel is based on. Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Little did you know Chara was inside you all along! My research indicates he's also based on a goat. Stay determined! Gonna need a source on that. Continue this thread. Maybe Asriel was named first, then Asgore and Toriel. Magical glass covers up the flair.

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Who is asriel undertale

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