Why ireland sucks

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THERE are certain customs and habits in Ireland that are notoriously difficult for people from elsewhere to understand. We do it to each other too. No noun is safe Why ireland sucks the Irish vocabulary. Irish people have a strange love of replacing words with strange, non-existent ones. You know the one that yer man got me, that time? This strange language is commonly understood on the Emerald Isle but quickly becomes unintelligible the further and further we move away. This can be extremely difficult to understand especially for Americans, who come from a country where lavish praise is awarded for the littlest of things.

British people are bad enough for this but Irish people take talking about the weather to a whole new level. Some luck! The lack of thought and respect for other drivers in pretty damning and it does no one any favours.

The problem is even worse in rural towns where there are less people about, but plenty more cars in a white space with one wheel a foot over the line and thus blocking two parking spaces. Timekeeping has a bit of a looser definition on the Emerald Isle, something which can infuriate people from elsewhere. Stemming from the Irish being a very relaxed race, this means we often take schedules as more suggested than definite and are rarely on time.

When in Ireland you will be offered tea several times a day and non-tea drinkers are viewed with suspicion. Say no at least once before you give in. By: Gerard Donaghy. By: Rachael O'Connor. By: Irish Post. By: Harry Brent. By: Michael Murphy. By: Irish Post - 3 days ago.

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By: Michael Murphy - 1 day ago. Share this article:. Ignoring problems If ignoring your problems was a sport, then Ireland would be world champions. our community for the latest news: Subscribe. One moment please Related News. News 3 days ago.

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