Why wiccans suck

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Forum Rules. Register Help. Remember Me? What's New? Last Jump to : 1 to 10 of Thread: Why Wiccans Suck. Advanced Search. Moody Thursday. It's called Why Wiccans Suck.

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Interestingly enough I found a lot of truth in it and also humor. Re: Why Wiccans Suck I remember seeing this back in the day. Glad to see the Internet Archive saved it because this has some wisdom in it. Re: Why Wiccans Suck It was a good to discover at Made for a good list of habits to avoid.

Like a star shining in the black eternity of space. Yoda: Dark Rendezvous "But those men who know anything at all about the Light also know that there is a fierceness to its power, like the bare sword of the law, or the white burning of the sun. Other things, like humanity, and mercy, and charity, that most good men hold more precious than all else, they do not come first for the Light.

Oh, sometimes they are there; often, indeed.

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But in the very long run the concern of you people is with the absolute good, ahead of all else Re: Why Wiccans Suck I find it far more comical than helpful. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. That kind of thing. Re: Why Wiccans Suck Dunno, I get that it's a rant, but he seems annoyed at the whole movement rather than just, uninformed wiccans.

There are points I agree with and Why wiccans suck I don't. I have to admit though, I don't know many proper wiccans. I know I am not one, I really don't fit wicca at all That said, this whole rant gets a little persnicketty, he seems just as smug as the people he is riling against Evil damned doughnuts, tainted by the spawn of darkness Which could obviously only be redeemed by passing through the fiery inferno of my digestive tract.

A guy who likes to point out all the phonies, yet fails to see he is a lonely phony himself.

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Well, this site was more entertaining to read, anyways. My everyday wacky blog. Re: Why Wiccans Suck. Originally Posted by RiverSong.

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Obviously this guy cares, but he admits himself that he is not a wicca and that he left the religion. If you leave why do you care anymore? Are you really distancing yourself or not?

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Re: Why Wiccans Suck Having clear terminology is nice. I enjoy my flippant definition of Pagan Why wiccans suck clear terminology helps ease communication. That said, for me the matter is win-win, Wicca and Pagan can acquire clear definitions which suits the more technical side of my nature or I can define them in whatever manner entertains me which always provides for cheap amusement.

Originally Posted by Caelia. See, this is what struck me as the real point of it all. All too often I see in the punk, metal, and Pagan scenes where no one can really say what their culture is but can sure point out who isn't really in the culture. Is it really "I know it when I see it", or is it all about ego stroking? After a while folks realize outside of some very fine points there are few differences between someone who's "true" and someone who's "troo", if any difference exists at all.

If I stand at the ocean I can hear you with your thousand voices. Sometimes you shout, hilarious laughter that taunts all questions. Other nights you are silent as death, a mirror in which the stars show themselves. Then I think you want to tell me something, but you never do. Of course I know I have written letters to no-one. But what if I find a trident tomorrow? It is a primal recognition of the wonder, beauty, and divine nature of the Earth.

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It is a felt reverence for all that exists. Once we bring this foundational quality into our consciousness, we will be able to respond to our present man-made crisis from a place of balance, in which our actions will be grounded in an attitude of respect for all of life.

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Why wiccans suck

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