Wife dog sex story

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Wife Fucking Dog by Poslednji. I have had a caravan that I turned into my office, away from the home in the backyard of the house. I took all the furniture out and set it up with the bookshelves and office table and chair. At that time my four children would be at school during the day, my dog would be spending most of the time under my desk. Few times I took notes of his cock being out of the pouch and he would be licking it.

One day my wife came inside the caravan sat down with tears in her eyes. I asked what is wrong. She looked at the dog under the table and I think she saw that his penis is out. She said "The other day I come inside the house, unexpectedly we did have a big flower garden and wife would be spending most of time taking care of the flowers.

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I walked into the house and saw Tanya being jumped on from the back by the dog. At first I was standing there watching thinking they were playing.

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Then I realized after few seconds that dog was fucking her, for real. His cock was inside and he could not take it out hearing me coming in.

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It never ever occurred or crossed my mind what she could be doing with the dog. My wife gave a hot slap in my face. I took the opportunity to make a suggestion "Why don't you take him on, looks like he got some experience now. You would let dog fuck me? Look he is ready now to fuck. Come on let him fuck you right here. She took her undies off. Called the dog and bend over. Dog knew what he was supposed to do. He jumped on her back, finding her hole he plunged his rod into wife's pussy. The dog's knot entered her vagina.

She screamed out of pain and excitement. The dog was fast and vigorous, in a few minutes he cum into her pussy.

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From then on very often my wife would come into my caravan, before she would never ever come. So I knew that each time she comes she wanted to be fucked by our dog. All contents on this website are copyright protected. Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited without written permission. Wife Fucking Dog by Poslednji I have had a caravan that I turned into my office, away from the home in the backyard of the house.

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Wife Fucking Dog