Witch trainer latest

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As compared to the other games, Witch Trainer has fewer scenarios, characters, and mechanics. Miss Granger and the professor of the Slytherin School appear as the companproton of the evils.

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Miss Granger has become a headache for Professor for Professor Snape and you will try to put in the waist to this one. She is not developing her personal growth but affecting the other characters in the game such as Snape, Harry, and Ginny. The bust of Princess Jasmine has been tried to increase in the game and is shifted to a parallel reality where he replaces the well-renowned magician. Witch Trainer is a mod pack of a few different mods as well as a few new contents.

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The new scenes, map, scene changes, potprotons, custom outfits as well as evolving outfits are introduced in the game. Besides you can also purchase the multiple new clothes set from the store.

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You can further improve the outfits. The multiple events in the game can also happen during the day or night time. Witch trainer has undergone the new interactive puzzles as well as a new quest line. You can unlock new events with achievements. The wardrobe is a hidden new feature in the game. You can utilize the in-game cheats to skip Hermprotone. All new clothes set can be cheated as well as unlocked. However, the game is incomplete at the time while the developers are also trying to fix some of its major bugs. Please if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Above 5 GB Games.

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Witch trainer latest

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