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In. Womb Raider Hide Spoilers. With a title like "Womb Raider" and a heroine named Cara Loft, I wasn't expecting TOO much from this movie; I just hoped it would be funny, erotic or adventurous, or even best case scenario all three. Unfortunately, it fails on all counts. The numerous and exclusively girl-on-girl soft-core scenes are actually pretty boring I know what you're thinking: "lesbian sex boring?

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Is that even possible? There are not many attempts at humor, besides the heroine's name and an Indiana Jones gag, though there are some unintentionally funny moments, like when stock footage and sounds of wild animals try to convince us we're in Africa! Lauren Hays does a passable impression of Angelina Jolie and has a great body that she doesn't mind showing off in the nude at every opportunity, but that can hardly make up for the boredom the rest of the movie induces; "Womb Raider" is just not much fun. Was this review helpful?

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The 'plot' as it were has Cara Loft the hard-bodied and sexy Lauren Hays on a mission to find three sacred artifacts scattered around the globe for the mysterious Dr. Because of some supremely atrocious dubbing, I recommend that you watch Womb raider game with the mute on. It won't detract at all from the numerous lesbian couplings the film graces us with and your ears will thank you. This is a fairly solid soft-core film there will never win any awards, but gets the job done none the less.

Pleasant surprise unbrokenmetal 12 June Cara Loft Lauren Hays is asked by the evil Dr. Scrotus, who claims to know details about the death of Cara's father, to obtain 3 priceless artifacts. Cara goes on the search for these in the Arabian desert where it is so hot she has to take her clothes offthe jungle of Africa where it is so wet she has to take her clothes offand in a Tibetan temple where she is asked to take her clothes off during a ceremony. You get the director's cunning scheme by now. Honestly, I didn't expect much from the movie and only watched it because I'm such a Tomb Raider loony, but I was pleasantly surprised.

First, the locations are well chosen, from the desert to the mountains. Second, the music composed exclusively for the movie fits well. Third, 35 year old Lauren Hays is a pretty cool Cara, if you keep in mind that famous game demands not only killer looks, but also the knowledge of an experienced archaeologist, so casting a blue-eyed girlie for this role would have destroyed everything.

The movie would have needed a stunt expert for better action scenes, though. Nevertheless, if you consider how tiny the budget probably was compared to the official Tomb Raider movie, everybody did a good job to entertain you. OK for a rainy day home. OK, the guys who made this movie knew what they were doing, and with a larger budget I wonder what kind of movies they really could make. The cinematography is fantastic equal to grade A movies. The editing is extremely well done shots fade and clip to other shots smoothly and follow music well.

Grade B should not me low budget or bad I think this movie was deed to be a B movie because these film makers could Womb raider game pull off an A style movie. This movie is up to par with another independent favorite: Evil Dead. However, if you're looking for hard core, you might be disappointed. This movie does not have spread eagle leg shots or penetration showing. Create a list ». Movies I watched from Seen in the month mood list.

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