Women with big teeth

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My upper two front teeth are super big and long. They stick out farther than the teeth around them.

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Do I need to have my front teeth removed and replaced with dental implants? I was asking for some possible solutions to improve my smile. I need straight answers. What are my options for making my teeth look smaller? Thanks for your time. A cosmetic dentist can offer solutions that will improve your smile and preserve your natural teeth.

We understand that you want to be comfortable with your smile. Finley would need to examine your teeth before recommending treatment. But based on your description, there are a few possibilities to make your front teeth look smaller.

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Your cosmetic dentist might use Invisalign to align your front teeth. After examining your teeth, your cosmetic dentist might recommend one of these solutions or an alternative:.

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Only an artistic cosmetic dentist can make your teeth smaller and achieve natural-looking. Otherwise, the can drastically detract from your smile and be very expensive to correct. David Finley Meet Dr. Cassandra Cassandra, Wait! Complete dental care in one location Call: Book an Appointment.

Women with big teeth

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Women with big teeth