Worlds longest skype call

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Contact Sales: The freedom and efficiency of a light jet. Performance near a mid-size. The SJ30 is truly in an uncompromising class of its own.

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The SJ30 flies faster than any other light jet. Exhilarating climbs and shorter flight times powered by Willaims International engines allow you to accomplish more on the ground. The SJ30 flies farther than any other light business jet, giving you unparalleled flexibility and agility in your business and personal life.

Its range of 2, nautical miles means you can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to New York or across the North Atlantic.

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With a maximum altitude of 49, feet, SJ30 offers you the freedom to fly above weather, to avoid traffic congestion and to take a more direct route to your destination. The finest materials and detailed craftsmanship create a ature cabin to suit your personal taste. SJ30 maintains sea level cabin pressure up to 41, feet. You will travel in comfort, arriving fresh and ready to engage.

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It provides pilots with a clear depiction Worlds longest skype call the terrain and potential obstacles exactly as they would see them looking out the cockpit windscreen, regardless of outside weather conditions. The new HUD-like symbols include a flight path marker, a path-based flight director runway outline, acceleration cues, zero pitch line and runway lead-in line.

Worldwide data includes terrain, airports, airspace, airways, navaids and geopolitical boundaries. Charts are automatically loaded based on FMS data input by the pilot during flight planning. Synoptic displays provide at-a-glance information that allows the pilot to manage and monitor systems, increasing situational awareness of the plane's health. Superior understanding of aircraft systems and potential maintenance issues allow for decreased troubleshooting and improved dispatch ability. The look of high performance demands a double take. Sleek body lines and contours are accentuated by custom paint des.

SJ30 The world's fastest and longest range light business jet. Performance The freedom and efficiency of a light jet. Speed Leave later. Arrive early. Range Breakfast in New York. Lunch in L. Interactive Range Map. Ceiling A private drive in the sky. Efficiency Lighter on the wallet. Comfort The finest materials and detailed craftsmanship create a ature cabin to suit your personal taste. The perfect atmosphere.

Seeing the clouds. A pilot's perspective. Paperless cockpit.

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Ramp Appeal The look of high performance demands a double take. Overall Length Internal Width 4. Takeoff Distance 3, ft 1, m 3, ft 1, Limit Speeds. Maximum Ramp Weight 14, lbs 6, kg Maximum Take-Off Weight 13, lbs 6, kg Maximum Landing Weight 12, lbs 5, kg Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 10, lbs 4, kg Standard Empty Weight 2 8, lbs 3, kg 8, lbs 3, kgs Maximum Fuel Capacity 4, lbs gal US 2, liters 2 Standard empty weight includes unusable fuel, standard avionics, standard interior, paint, first aid kit, flashlight, and oil.

Ownership Contact the SyberJet Aircraft sales team. We can contact you. Submit Request. Tell us a little about yourself. Are you interested in purchasing an aircraft?

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Yes No Do you currently own an aircraft? Yes No Please provide aircraft's type and tail :. Please select all that apply: Private. Please list the aircraft you are typed in:. Send Request.

Worlds longest skype call

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