Xena queen of the jungle

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We recently wrote about the movie version of the Sheena story, Sheena, Queen of the Junglebut that was not the most recent adaptation.

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For Sheena would eventually return in form of another TV-series that ran for two seasons and 35 episodes from Cutter is out for the quick buck, leading tourists in the jungle, trying to forget his former career as a CIA-agent! But after clashing with Sheena in the beginning they quickly establish a working relationship — usually meaning Sheena will draw the poor man into another harrowing adventure of hers. Obviously, there are plenty of terrible things that can happen in the jungle, be it big game hunters, terrorists, military coups or tribal wars that have to be prevented.

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They tried to make their show as diverting as possible as they could, with the time and money they had at their disposal. I just wonder if, by doing that, she also immediately became super-powered. But if so, they blew it. It seems all the efforts of Cutter were in vain, after early in the second season, Sheena has sex with a random stranger after a couple of unsubtle compliments from him.

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A couple of episodes later, we are asked to believe that Cutter gets together with an Asian women he once met in a training unit at the CIA. Nolin and Nelson never have much chemistry with each other, that would let them appear as anything more than good friends.

The series ends as unspectacularly as it began.

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I noticed Grand L. At least the team tried, though you hardly ever can speak of three-dimensional villains here. You also have to forgive the typical 90s CGI-morphing and masks that were terrible, even in better and more prestigious TV shows of the time than this one.

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Creators : Douglas Schwartz and Steven L.

Xena queen of the jungle

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