Yandere simulator camera spinning

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Due to the open development build nature of Yandere Simulator for much of its life, it's no surprise there's been plenty of bugs and glitches throughout, with this covering some of the best. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this.

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Get Known if you don't have an. Ragdoll physics in the Unity 4 engine is more of a suggestion than a reality. As a result, corpses can and often will do bizarre things, especially when you move them.

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NPCs will often bounce the instant they go ragdoll as of Unity 5. Picking up a corpse while it is clipped into a large object wall, locker, desk, etc and spazzing out will cause it to stay in its distorted form as long as it is carried. Seeing Yan-chan carrying a dead student with a foot-long neck can be seen as either funny or creepy. Or both. Killing a student in Titan Mode in their ragdoll code imploding on itself, resulting in "Titan Meatballs" that bounce around the area.

The Dev clearly found it as funny as everyone else did, since he declare that he was never going to fix that bug. Sadly, an update to Titan Mode overhauls the whole mode to play like a mini-game more closely based on the source material, which inadvertently fixed the meatball glitch after over a decade. Anytime a student's path-finding leaves them unable to properly route their destined location, leaving them spinning in circles, or as Jay from Kubz Scouts puts it: "twirling like an idiot". One that became an Ascended Glitch is described in this Yandere simulator camera spinning.

The "Cinematic Camera Mode" allows the player to detach the camera and keep it stationary as Yan-chan moves around. YanDev immediately realized its potential and that Youtubers would love it, so he fixed the bug but mapped it to a button Left-Alt.

Blood doesn't always spawn where it logically should.

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Originally, it only appeared at ground level of the school and outside. It now spawns on all levels, but it still doesn't show up on stairs, making it much easier to clean up. If you also kidnap a girl on Friday, she'll still be in your basement on Monday morning. Once his aura is no longer near him, it is possible to dismember him. Doing this makes it possible to pass through the invisible wall at the school's front gate and walk around the street in front of the school, but you'll lose the ability to run and the teachers can now cross it too.

This video demonstrates the bug using Oka's severed torso.

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A selfie feature for the phone camera was added in an early January update. However, the selfie feature is never treated as "suspicious activity", which overlaps with one of the perks for being in the Photography Club Having the camera out, even in situations that would be classed as "suspicious activity", would not be considered as such. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

Yandere simulator camera spinning

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I played Yandere Simulator’s Demo for 10 minutes and it made me Sick