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Throat surgery! A hernia! Liver disease and pancreatitis! Blood clots that nearly killed him! Zakk Wylde is behind his picturesque ranch house in the mountainous Castaic Lake area of California. The Black Label Society maven is laughing his ass off as he watches Dexter, his month-old male Shiba Enu, trying to hump his two new Rottweiler puppies. Afterward, Wylde will fly to China and Australia to take part in international marketing campaigns for Epiphone and Gibson, and in January, Black Label will start working on the follow-up to their album, Shot to Hell.

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After a while, doing yard work and lifting weights at the house is gonna get kind of old, you know? At 42, Wylde still has the overblown personality and sky-high energy level of a teenager dreaming of stardom and reveling in every morsel of success.

And he has pretty much been that way sincewhen he was plucked out Zakk wylde muscles the New Jersey bar scene by Ozzy Osbourne to replace Jake E. Tirelessly prolific, Wylde played on six Ozzy albums and has co-written five of them. Between studio stints, Wylde has toured exhaustively, often playing double-duty with Ozzy and Black Label Society. Added together, it s for more than 20 years of musical activity, during which Zakk wylde muscles has remained in nearly constant motion. But over the past six months, the guitarist was hit with a double-whammy of misfortune that could have flattened the tires of even the most dedicated road warrior.

First, during a tour with Mudvayne and Static-X, he discovered he had developed a rare blood disorder that caused life-threatening blood clots. Then, without warning, Ozzy replaced him in the band with Firewind guitarist Gus. Anybody can get knocked down. In late August, during a three-day stay at a hospital in Eugene, Oregon, he received critical treatment for blood clots in both lungs and his left leg. Guitar World hooked up with the newly sober Wylde during his recuperation for an in-depth talk about his health scare, his replacement by Gus G.

When did you start having symptoms of blood clots? I just figured it was from jumping around onstage. Like, who gives a shit? WYLDE After about a week, it got to the point where just getting up in the middle of the night to take a piss was a production. So on August 14, we were in the middle of Omaha, and before we did this hour drive, I checked my GPS to find out where the nearest hospital was.

It goes down into your calf. You got a couple there. And then it goes down into your Achilles tendon. And then I had to take two shots of this [ anticoagulant ] right into my stomach every 12 hours. I was giving myself two shots in the stomach every day. And since I was drinking beer while taking blood thinners, the alcohol was thinning my blood even more.

Imean, dude, if I had gotten a paper cut I would have bled all over Kansas City. GW If you were already on medication, why did you end up having to go to the hospital in Eugene, Oregon, 11 days later? What happens if they go to your heart? You should have died probably about a week and a half ago, or whenever these things went through your heart. It was a good run. You know what I think is so hysterical? But, I mean, you gotta have willpower.

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GW You were in the hospital in Oregon for three days. What kind of treatment did you receive? GW The doctor gave you the thumbs-up to play the Halloween show to promote your new Epiphone Graveyard Disciple guitar. Are you in the clear now, healthwise? I already take vitamins every day. Over the last two years, I had to have throat surgery for my vocals.

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And then I had an umbilical hernia from hitting the gym and lifting all the time. My belly button popped out, so I had to get surgery for that. I got fatty liver disease and pancreatitis. And now I got blood clots in my lungs. GW Whoa, back up. You have liver disease and pancreatitis? When did you find out about that? Do you drink alcohol? Maybe we need to back off the beer for a little bit. I still do the same things: I lift weights all the time.

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I eat like grams of protein a day between the protein shakes, eating chicken all day, rice and salad. When I started with Ozzy, I weighed and I had a inch waist. We were on the Pedal to the Metal tour, and I was gonna fly down on a travel day, see Ozzy and the boys, jam with them and go over the set.

And then I was gonna fly back to do another Black Label gig, and then fly back and take care of the boss. Just let me know, buddy. Just let me know what you want me to do.

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What the hell are you talking about? You can play with whoever the fuck you want. Just give me the he up. Last time I checked, that was a good thing. The way I look at it is like this: My dad just passed away in December. He has nothing to prove to anybody. We played Ozzfest in Dallas, in June. I must have written 16 tunes. There was enough material for him to work on while I was gone. GW Would you be angry if Gus G. I wrote the shit, so if someone wants to play it, knock yourself out.

I love you, man. What happened there? But nothing panned out for me with the Guns guys.

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What happened with Holmes? When do you want me there? I had long blond hair and weighed pounds. But it went well. The inmates loved it, and I got the gig. During the show, my pants split from the waistband in the front to the waistband in the back. My balls were just hanging out.

Zakk wylde muscles

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Ozzy Osbourne’s Guitarist Zakk Wylde Talks Lifting, Eggs, and Sobriety